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The SIAM solution for ServiceNow


TeamConnect is the smart way to integrate suppliers and customers simply and easily with the minimum of technical knowledge. It works for suppliers with many customers and for a customer with many suppliers.

Key Functionality

Process Event Synchronisation

  • Determines which parties are critical and those that are just interested
  • What Information needs to be exchanged
  • What security rules are in place


  • Selects the data that needs to be communicated and in what format
  • Performs initial data conversion and mapping


  • Final conversion of data into formats used by transmission protocols
  • Management of the exchange of messages between systems


  • SLAs and underpinning contracts
  • Escalation and notification
  • Custom reports and dashboards
  • Vendor performance


  • Speed of implementation – minimal technical and connectivity issues
  • Management of multiple suppliers in an integrated manner
  • Faster ROI
  • Much lower development costs
  • Plug and play new suppliers in the SIAM model – easily
  • Data driven
  • Removes the need for deep technical knowledge and coding
  • Can easily be extended to other business areas – HR, Facilities and Billing for example