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HR Service Management


Are you looking to streamline and improve the HR services you provide for the business?

Is it proving hard to report on HR’s performance and its impact?

Does aligning HR services and resources present a challenge for you?


TeamUltra can help you improve HR service delivery and with ServiceNow.  With ServiceNow HR Service Management you can provide your employees with an HR Self-Service Portal through which any requests or queries can be submitted and request and fulfill automation comes as standard. Employees can submit requests via a service catalogue which will then be automatically sent to the relevant person in the HR team. With integrated reporting, gain visibility to inform data based business decisions on resourcing and team performance.


• Gain visibility and report back on HR performance and impact on the business
• Align HR services and resources via the data and reports provided by ServiceNow’s HR Service Management’s integrated reporting
• Improve HR service delivery and employee satisfaction

View the ServiceNow HR Service Management Demo Video:

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