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Finance Service Management


Does a constant stream of random work requests in different formats from emails to phone impede your department’s ability to provide the financial information being requested in a accurate and timely fashion?

Is it proving difficult to keep track of your company’s assets?

Could there be a better way of storing latest tax laws and policies that your department need to adhere to?


Successfully provide your fiduciary services by implementing ServiceNow’s finance service management application. Your staff will be able to efficiently fulfill all requests from financial reports to procurement and payroll. All of this with the added benefit of providing visibility to management via reporting and dashboards into work requests, resource utilisation and team performance to enable the provision of better services to both internal and external customers.


• Provide a faster service with a finance self-service portal and streamlined work processes through automated work flows
• Gain visibility via dashboards of the status of work requests, resource utilisation and performance to provide a better service.
• Deliver rapid time to value – be up and running with ServiceNow and see results very quickly.

finance service management

A central location for finance requests. Image source:


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