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Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Do you want to manage your suppliers from one place in a more consistent and efficient way?

Would you like to be able to better analyse their performance to judge how they are meeting your needs?

TeamUltra’s SIAM Solution

TeamUltra’s SIAM Solution provides the services integration layer, comprising elements of process, tools, service-level agreements, and related structures. This allows customers and suppliers to work together, both from the commercial and operational standpoint. Designed from the outset to be simple to implement and simple to maintain the TeamUltra SIAM solution is event and data driven to remove technical obstacles and speed up implementation.


  • Manage multiple suppliers in an integrated manner
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness across IT service delivery
  • Better service and cost management
  • Flexibility to plug-and-play new suppliers
  • A complete real-time view of supplier performance
  • Supports all ITIL processes and any other process involving multiple parties

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