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Remote Support Solutions

Remote Support Software and Administration

Do you want to be able to support your end users wherever they are, regardless of platform or device?

Do you want to reduce the time it takes to fix incidents and get users up and running quickly

Do you want to deliver a 24*7 strategy and at the same time reduce support costs?

Do you want to provide remote support without all of the inherent security risks?


TeamUltra has partnered with remote support software providers Bomgar to enable control of multiple systems, chat with multiple end-users, and collaborate with other reps to fix problems faster.

Unlike old-school point-to-point remote access tools and cloud-based solutions, Bomgar routes all activity through a secure appliance that sits behind your firewall.

Benefits of Remote Support Solution

  • Increased first call resolutions
  • Shorter call times
  • Centralised support
  • Improved service levels
  • Reduced site visits
  • Reduce support costs
  • Secure solution

The IT service desk can remotely connect to and support desktops, laptops or mobile devices through corporate firewalls, regardless of location. They can see the screen, control the mouse and work as if physically in front of the device, speeding case time to resolution, improving productivity and customer satisfaction.

A Combined Incident Management and Remote Support Solution

TeamUltra has integrated Bomgar with ServiceNow to provide a combined incident management and remote support solution. From the incident screen an IT service desk agent is able to initiate a Bomgar support session and immediately begin to diagnose and assess the issue.

A complete history of the call whilst using the Bomgar solution is recorded in ServiceNow. Bomgar also integrates with ServiceNow change management.


Remote Support Brochure

View the Bomgar Integration Video