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IT Operations Management

Create a single system of record for your Business Operations and improve the operational efficiency of the infrastructure covering the key aspects of Orchestration, Discovery and Event Management.


ServiceNow Orchestration enables IT to automate manual tasks involving systems and applications outside the ServiceNow environment. By automating manual processes such as fulfilling requests, rebooting servers and resolving problems ServiceNow will deliver consistent and reliable results.

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ServiceNow Discovery accurately populates the CMDB, automates service definition, and empowers other ITIL-related processes. It is lightweight, powerful and agentless and will simplify CI identification and tracking.  Managing all IT assets and applications in one single platform provides transparency into the IT infrastructure.

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Event Management

ServiceNow Event Management is an Orchestration application that automatically creates actionable alerts from infrastructure events captured by third party monitoring tools. An event management overview dashboard provides a consolidated view of all service-impacting events, including current active alerts, impacted services, and associated incidents.

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