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Healthcare: Service Management in the NHS

The NHS and other healthcare institutions face a number of common challenges:
Do more with less resource whilst searching for new ways to improve Service standards and efficiency.

Other competing goals include upgrading legacy systems, modernising and automating IT Services as part of the push to digitise the care system by 2018 and enhance patient care. However, dealing with outdated processes without additional support from IT adds another layer of difficulty. Add in the ever increasing volumes of work and the role and effectiveness of the IT department is coming under increasing pressure.

Benefits of automating NHS IT processes with ServiceNow’s Now Platform

More and more NHS institutions are turning to ServiceNow and TeamUltra to automate and improve Service Management. The Now Platform by ServiceNow allows IT to spend less time managing the infrastructure and more time enabling healthcare professionals to transform the patient experience.

There are many straightforward areas of IT for the NHS that can be automated and improved with ServiceNow. Our experience of working with a number of NHS organisations on Service Management projects means we can replicate these benefits.

We have a wealth of expertise in transforming and automating inefficient processes, reducing pressure on overstretched IT departments and enabling valuable improvements which support how patient services are delivered.

Specific benefits and applications include:

  • Improve efficiency, consolidate disparate legacy systems, minimise reliance on spreadsheets whilst moving to a single system of record for IT
  • Deliver scalable quality services with standardised processes and an intuitive, consumer-like experience for healthcare professionals and their patients
  • Implementation of a centralised service desk, and a self-service portal for end users
  • Reduce overhead costs by implementing automation to replace manual, redundant tasks such as password resets
  • Improve the quality of IT services by using ITIL-based processes that can be rapidly modified, e.g. automation of ward moves
  • Increase IT visibility and capabilities to report on goals for healthcare quality
  • Management of potential IT incidents that could impact on clinical outcomes
  • Assist the move towards a paperless NHS by 2018

Free TeamAssess offer for the NHS

It’s not just the IT department that can benefit from taking a fresh look at how services are delivered. ServiceNow’s Now Platform enables Service Management improvements in areas such as Facilities, HR, Procurement and Finance.

We can also help with optimising the existing use of ServiceNow and regularly conduct reviews and assessments designed to ensure ServiceNow is aligned to the needs of the business. You can claim a free TeamAssess consultancy package which is a comprehensive and independent two day review of your Service Management strategy.

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