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Education: Service Management in the Education Sector

Educational institutions such as Universities, Colleges and Schools face a number of common challenges:  Do more with less resource whilst searching for new ways to both improve Service Management standards and enforce good Service Management principles outside of the IT department.

Other challenges include continuous regulatory change, budget and headcount reduction and the need to deliver innovative services to growing student numbers even as legacy systems and hardware are still in use for critical services.

Benefits of automating your IT processes with ServiceNow’s Now Platform

More and more Universities, Colleges and Schools and other educational institutions are turning to the Now Platform by ServiceNow and TeamUltra to automate and improve Service Management.   Our experience of working with a number of institutions such as Warwick University, Loughborough University and Imperial College London means we can replicate these Service Management benefits.

We have a wealth of expertise in transforming inefficient processes, improving service management processes and enabling valuable improvements to how student services are delivered.

Specific benefits and applications include:

  • Improve student services, reduce costs and increase levels of automation
  • Deliver an intuitive self-service service catalog experience for students with high levels of user satisfaction
  • Reduce overhead costs by implementing automation to replace manual tasks such as password resets
  • Improve the quality of services by leveraging ITIL-based processes that can be rapidly modified

View Warwick University Case Study:

Take the next step…

It’s not just the IT department that can benefit from taking a fresh look at how IT services are delivered.  The Now Platform enables Service Management improvements in non-IT areas such as Facilities, HR and Finance.

Contact us today and find out why Shane Parsons at Warwick University said:

I would recommend TeamUltra to institutions that need professional and reliable ServiceNow expertise.  The help and advice from their consultants has been invaluable in helping Warwick to improve how we automate, manage and control IT processes.