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On-going maintenance, administration and optimisation of ServiceNow require specific expertise.  However, the cost of retaining specialist skills in-house is not always practical.  So what happens when you have a ServiceNow problem?

Many ServiceNow users will try searching the Knowledge base for answers but sometimes there is no substitute for getting help from a ServiceNow expert, who can quickly answer your question. Our ServiceNow Service Desk provides you with immediate access to ServiceNow expertise to help you resolve queries and get back on track quickly – all you have to do is pick up the phone.

TeamUltra’s ‘Service Desk’ for your ServiceNow Service Desk

Our highly respected Service Desk can help you with many issues and questions related to ServiceNow.  It is complementary to the ServiceNow break-fix agreement and clients often refer to TeamUltra as the “Service Desk for our ServiceNow Service Desk.”  Our Service Desk is staffed by the most experienced certified ServiceNow Consultants in the UK.  Consultants are ITIL qualified and recognised experts in IT Service Management best practice.  Our ServiceNow consultants either know the answer or know how to find the answer.

A few questions our Service Desk have helped with recently:

“Please advise on the Project Module Billing requirements.”

“I would like to add a catalogue item to an existing request.”

“How do I apply access rights/roles when creating an account?”

“How do we automate emails arriving from specific recipients?”

“What is your advice on updating to Eureka?”

“Incoming attachments are not attaching to records. Please advise.

“Can we convert contents of word documents into Knowledge articles?”

“The search functionality does not seem to return full results.”

“How do we calculate the difference between two date fields?”

“Based on the classification of an Incident can a notification email be sent to the customer?”

“How do we implement Timecards, Skills and Labour rates against Business Services?”

“I have deleted a customer account by mistake.”

“Is it possible to write a script to change awaiting user info status after a set number of days?”

“We have a logo issue on inbound calls logged via email.”

“I want to create an ODBC user for our DEV instance.”


Effective support for ServiceNow can have a far reaching impact, as Warwick University stated:

We realised that in order to keep ServiceNow operating at peak performance we needed to make a number of changes but lacked the specialist expertise to support our in-house developer.  We therefore turned to TeamUltra’s ServiceNow support package.  TeamUltra quickly made an impact on our business, helping us not just overcome our challenges but develop and extend how we use ServiceNow.