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Implementation Methodology

All implementations use a tried and tested methodology that follows the ServiceNow Adaptive Implementation Framework (SAIF) best practice delivery standard to give you a strong foundation for success.  And of course, the experience of every TeamUltra consultant is available to you.

The TeamUltra Methodology

Our methodology is based on a five-stage framework, which is tailored to meet specific customer requirements and resourcing. The approach is flexible and scalable and can be adapted to fit a customer’s waterfall or agile project management and software development practices.

Stage 1: Initiation

At the start of the project, we bring together all of the key customer stakeholders and together we set expectations on how the project will be delivered. TeamUltra will draw out any additional requirements and future objectives and make sure the combined project team is aligned to the approach.

Key deliverables:

  • Project definition document; Project plan

Stage 2: Requirements & Design

We undertake an in-depth analysis of each of the required processes taking input from the client’s key personnel. This usually takes place in the form of an interactive workshop, the outputs of which are then reviewed, and agreed, with the relevant process owners and form the basis of a set of ServiceNow application requirements documents.

As part of this process, we will identify where out-of-the-box ServiceNow configuration needs to be enhanced and extended to accommodate specific customer requirements. All requirements are then loaded onto the client’s ServiceNow instance and collaboratively managed throughout the development lifecycle.

Key deliverables:

  • Functional Requirements
  • Design Documents incorporating Data, Integrations and Security Requirements
  • Project Definition Document incorporating detailed project planning and responsibilities

Stage 3: Build & Test

The Build and Test Phase recognises the need for flexibility and speed wherever appropriate. After an initial build against the agreed requirements we use collaborative ‘Show & Tell’ sessions to playback progress to the customer, solicit feedback and fine-tune requirements.

Unit testing is built into this phase and every project is delivered inline with our purpose developed coding standards to ensure quality is built into the solution.

We then conduct a final level of end-to-end functional and system testing to ensure the ServiceNow application is delivered fit for purpose and ready for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Typical Key deliverables:

  • Integrations Build, supported by ServiceNow Master Data document
  • Applications Build, supported by ServiceNow build document
  • Functional Test Report

Stage 4: User Acceptance Testing and Customer Training

The customer testing process will be agreed during the Initiation phase. We will support the customer at every step providing assistance with test planning, test cases and test data if needed. All issues reported during testing will be reviewed and prioritised, and where agreed, remedied prior to full system acceptance.

Training requirements, agreed during Initiation, are also delivered. Options available range from Train-the-Trainer to full eLearning solutions.

Where required, we can assist with the production of other training materials such as quick reference guides. As a final-step prior to Go-live we can conduct a technical handover to the customer’s system administrators to begin the path to self-sufficiency if desired.

Key deliverables:

  • Technical Handover Documentation
  • Production Ready ServiceNow Functionality

Stage 5: Go-live & Early Life Support

The transition to going live is carefully planned by all members of the project team. Starting with our Go-live checklist we build out a full implementation plan that is customised to the particular project in-hand. The implementation plan details the step-by-step activities required in the days and hours leading up to the transition to a fully-ready, production system.

TeamUltra provides full support to the customer during the transition to production including sending consultants to the customer site for Go-live day and for as many days as required afterwards. Next, we transition the customer over to our dedicated Service Desk staffed by experienced ServiceNow professionals for early life support and beyond, ensuring that our customers are always in a safe pair of hands.

Key deliverables: 

  • Go-Live Check list and Release Notes
  • A working ServiceNow system transitioned into full production
  • Seamless handover to TeamAssist or Managed Service Team.



We tap into TeamUltra’s large pool of ServiceNow expertise gained from implementing and supporting ServiceNow across many different organisations and applications.  Whenever we are looking to push the boundaries of ServiceNow or explore how we can improve IT service management we call on TeamUltra. -Sky