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Our consultancy services deliver guaranteed results in the shortest time. This applies to organisations new to ServiceNow, those looking to optimise an existing deployment or extending the reach of ServiceNow.

Ensuring your Service Management strategy remains aligned to the needs of the organisation can be challenging. In order to get maximum value from ServiceNow now and in the future, you need to invest time in planning how to meet business and technical change within your organisation.

 – Prioritised service improvement

TeamAssess is a review of your IT Service Management strategy and existing implementation. The assessment identifies areas that will most benefit from service improvement measures, which are then prioritised into a roadmap in the form of a 30 day, 60 day and 90 day action plan.



– Assessment Approach

The length of a TeamAssess engagement ranges from a core two day assessment up to 2-3 weeks depending on the size and scale of the ServiceNow implementation.  For the core assessment, there are two approaches, each taking one day to complete onsite, and involves interviewing key stakeholders to gain an insight into the current and future use of ServiceNow.

Functional Review – optimises processes and functionality

  • Improved ways of working
  • Roadmap for future developments
  • Consultant knowledge and expertise

Technical Review – examines product build

  • Security issues
  • System performance

– Our ServiceNow support service

TeamUltra has the largest and most experienced team of dedicated ServiceNow professionals and this knowledge pool is available via TeamAssist.  This is our ServiceNow support package – a prepaid, discounted package of days which provides you with instant access to our experienced team of dedicated ServiceNow consultants.  We’ll maximise your investment in ServiceNow by providing:

  • A FREE Service Desk to log ‘how to’ calls and requests for service
  • Advice on latest ServiceNow releases
  • Service Management expertise
  • ServiceNow / IT Service Management training
  • Systems Administration
  • Bespoke development of ServiceNow
  • ServiceNow functionality advice
  • Continual service Improvement
  • Interim resources
  • General advice & guidance

TeamUltra provide additional services for consultancy, training and delivery to help you implement your prioritised action plan in a phased approach. Whichever method you choose, our experienced consultants will collaborate with you to provide a tailored support solution.

Download more information on prioritised service improvement:

TeamAssess Information

View first few pages of a detailed assessment report:

TeamAssess Report

Download more information on our ServiceNow support service:

TeamAssist Information