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Webinar: The Enterprise Service Management Journey

Adopting a consistent service management approach across the enterprise can be challenging with numerous systems, processes and tools in place. The benefits to be gained from introducing ITIL based best practice service management can be considerable.

However, where do you start? An additional challenge is that even analyst research reports don’t give you much advice on how to successfully transition from using multiple systems and processes to one IT system, such as ServiceNow for a consolidated Enterprise Service Management approach.

Every CIO knows there is no easy answer. Fortunately help is at hand.

TeamUltra ESM Webinar Series

TeamUltra’s unique webinar series will walk you through the essential steps to adopting an ESM approach.  Delivered by ITSM expert practitioners from TeamUltra and Syniad IT, you will learn more about what you should think about before starting an ESM project, how to go about planning a project, what role technology solutions such as ServiceNow have to play, and best practice implementation tips.

Illustrated throughout with case studies, you are just 6 steps away from delivering continual service innovation and improvement.

ESM Webinar Series Highlights

  • How to start planning a project
  • Technology solutions and how they can help
  • Best practice service management implementation guide
  • Continual service innovation
  • Achieving exceptional service management benefits

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