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Key Trends in Service Management 2020

At the October 2019 “Now at Work” event in London, TeamUltra conducted its fifth annual survey of delegates to better understand service management priorities, technology needs, and futures.

The results of the survey provide valuable insights for any organisation that’s looking to improve its IT service management (ITSM) capabilities, employ an enterprise service management strategy, provide a better employee experience, or introduce new artificial intelligence (AI)-based capabilities for ITSM (and any wider service management needs).

The five key areas of the survey are summarised below:

Key ITSM and Service Management Challenges

The continued financial uncertainty of a post-Brexit Britain has loomed large over the 2019 survey responses, with 60% of respondents reporting “availability of budget” as a 2020 challenge. It’s a significant increase on 2018, making it the most common obstacle for organisations.

Key 2020 ITSM and Service Management Initiatives

“Upgrade ITSM systems” is the top 2020 initiative at 39%, despite a 9% decrease relative to 2018’s survey results. However, where IT organisations are focused right now in terms of new innovation-driving capabilities, there’s one big winner in 2019 through 2020 – AI-enabled capabilities (at 31%) including chatbots (at 33%).

Enterprise Service Management Adoption Levels

Many organisations are using ITSM capabilities outside of IT, i.e. for enterprise service management use cases, as shown below:

The Rise in Importance of Employee Experience

The survey found that just over two-thirds of organisations have already bought into the need for proving a better IT service delivery and support experience to employees. With this expected to increase to 84% by 2021. There’s definitely a growing focus on employee experience and the importance of maximising employee productivity in ITSM.

The Current State of AI for ITSM

This blog has already highlighted that AI and chatbots rank highly on the list of 2020 investments (third and second respectively). A separate survey question drilled deeper into the current state of chatbot (and other bot) adoption, finding that 12% of organisations are already using bots in IT management areas, 30% are experimenting with bots, and 27% plan to start with bots during 2020. Whereas under a fifth of organisations have no plans to use bots in IT management areas in 2020.

You can download a copy of our white paper ‘Improving Service Management and Business Outcomes In 2020’ here.