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TeamUltra achieves highest CSAT score amongst ServiceNow partners

The ServiceNow Services Partner Program requires all implementation partners to register their services engagement projects.  At the end of each services project, ServiceNow conducts a customer survey to measure success and gather feedback. This is then published to the ServiceNow Partner Portal showing a rolling 12‑month average score of survey results which is refreshed monthly.

An evaluation of comparable ServiceNow partners* conducted on June 2nd 2018 showed that TeamUltra topped the charts for the highest level of Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores with an average CSAT of 9.6

Sam Beale, Director of Professional Services at TeamUltra said, “Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.  We are fortunate to work in an industry where CSAT scores are transparent and publicly available.  Prospective customers can make a clear evaluation of potential ServiceNow partners based on their ability to deliver the highest levels of service.  TeamUltra’s CSAT as measured at the start of June 2018 was 9.6.  This reinforces our reputation for consistently achieving some of the highest CSAT scores in EMEA, reflecting the hard work that we put into ensuring each customer engagement is successful and meets the strategic goals set at the beginning of each ServiceNow project.”

Joanna Causon, Chief Executive of the Institute for Customer Satisfaction writing in ‘The State of Customer Satisfaction in the UK’ said, “Recent research into the relationship between customer satisfaction and financial performance demonstrated that consistently achieving higher levels of satisfaction than competitors and peers is linked to stronger turnover growth, profit and employee productivity”.

Mike Beale, Managing Director of TeamUltra added, “This is something that we have seen at TeamUltra where our consistently high levels of satisfaction have been mirrored by strong growth and operating performance.  I am proud that we have created an environment in which each team member is empowered to deliver the highest quality of service to end customers for whom an efficient and effective service desk is often a key enabler of delivering a superior customer experience.”


*Comparable partners were selected on the basis of partners holding the Gold accreditation for Services and Sales in EMEA with representation across key territories of UK, France and Germany.