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ServiceNow Istanbul: Automated Testing

Istanbul provides organisations with the ability to undertake automated testing on their ServiceNow instance. This enables organisations to quickly and easily ensure that their instances are still working as intended following upgrades or ongoing configuration activities.

Form based testing as well as server side testing can be performed, with any returned values from test steps being used as input into later tests. Custom test steps can also be configured if the baseline test steps don’t meet requirements.

Test suites allow for the execution of a batch of tests in a specified order. In addition, test suites can be hierarchical, with suites nested within other suites.

Matthew Pearson and Huw Nolan, technical architects with TeamUltra, both appreciate the value automated testing can provide to organisations.

“Key to a DevOps approach for ITSM development is the ability to automate continual testing of the features implemented on the ServiceNow platform.”

Automated Test Framework 2