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Istanbul Release, Security Incident Response

The Istanbul release provides several enhancements for Security Operations.  This is an area that is receiving growing interest from across many industries which is no surprise when you consider that last year it was estimated that 90% of enterprise organisations had experienced a security breach according to a survey by PwC.

New functionality within ServiceNow includes integrations with Security Operations applications such as Splunk, QRadar and Tanium, automated threat intelligence embedded in the product, and several security incident response workflows. For example, monitoring running processes on Configuration Items and the ability to handle threat emails including search and delete functions.

Simon Westwood of TeamUltra sees the Security Incident Response workflows as helping companies quickly get robust monitoring solutions in place.

Many of the other products in the Security Operations space already ship with a number of pre-defined playbooks to handle specific types of security incidents.  Most customers I speak to like the ServiceNow SecOps module and the flexibility it offers, but new ServiceNow customers will also benefit from the these playbooks.

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