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IoT and Smart Home Tech in 2017

TeamUltra recently exhibited at the Computacenter Group Kick Off – an event that allowed us to showcase our ServiceNow skills and capabilities to one of the largest providers of IT infrastructure services and consulting.

We joined a number of other vendors in a ‘technology village’ where we conducted a survey into trends and awareness of various IT issues.

What trends are you most looking forward to in 2017?

What trends are you most looking forward to in 2017?

When we asked “what IT trend are you most looking forward to in 2017”, 40% of attendees named Internet of Things and smart home tech as the most eagerly anticipated technology trend.  This is perhaps a good indicator of how the internet has successfully expanded its reach into all areas of our lives, and that as consumers we are seeing the benefits of such things as smart home devices, or buttons that can automatically reorder our home shopping.

17% of responders selected artificial intelligence and machine learning and 14% opted for Augmented and Virtual Reality.  These two trends are set to transform various aspects of our lives from computers that can write news stories, to new ways of viewing and interacting with the world around us.

Affordable 3D printers appeared next with 13% and driverless cars with 10%.  Both of these technologies have long been on the horizon but could be set for a breakthrough year and become viewed as mainstream technology.

For the next part of the TeamUltra survey we wanted to assess awareness of our ServiceNow capabilities within the sales and account teams at Computacenter.

69% of Computacenter staff surveyed is aware that TeamUltra provides consultancy services, solutions and strategic advice around ServiceNow.  This reflects our reputation in the market and our position as the partner of choice for many large scale deployments of ServiceNow.  We are a Gold level ServiceNow partner and also hold the status of one of only three Retained ServiceNow Partners.

We next looked at how many Computacenter staff work with or interact with a customer that uses ServiceNow with 40% answering ‘yes’.  This highlights ServiceNow’s dominant position in the market as the top cloud based service management system.

Looking at future plans, we found that 80% of Computacenter staff work with a customer that is considering a project to optimise an existing ITSM system or plans to implement a new ITSM system.  This tells us how critical ITSM systems have become for many large enterprises that want to provide a superior customer experience.