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Istanbul Release, Application Portfolio Management

With Istanbul getting ever closer, we continue to look at what’s coming out in the new release.  Accurately managing the applications used in any enterprise requires visibility over the assets and ServiceNow’s Istanbul release makes significant improvements in this respect.

It gives you a comprehensive understanding of the applications used in your organisation and enables easy identification of any potential application redundancies.  It empowers you to take effective decisions that can optimise your software estate making significant cost savings a distinct possibility.

The new Application Portfolio Management functionality within the Istanbul release provides the capabilities to build an application inventory to understand how many applications you have, and develop an application rationalisation roadmap aligned to the enterprise goals and objectives.

The ability to use real time data from ServiceNow through reports and dashboards also delivers invaluable insight into the applications estate and helps you to make better business decisions over rationalisation, authorisation and deployment.

Simon Westwood of TeamUltra has worked with customers that had an estate of several thousand applications and no overall view of how application versions compare, where they overlap or more importantly how investment (both financially and in terms of project resource) should be prioritised.

“Application Portfolio Management offers a holistic view of your application estate, cost and performance which allows customers to strategically plan how applications will be used in the future.”