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Istanbul is nearly here: Benchmarking

With the release of Istanbul, Benchmarks in ServiceNow will provide clear visibility into your IT service management key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends.  It will allow you to benchmark your performance against your peers which helps to identify areas for continual service improvement.

Access to the benchmark figures is via the HI Service Portal with organisations being able to see KPIs in 6 areas:

  • % of high priority incidents
  • Average time to close a high priority incident
  • Average time to close an incident
  • % of incidents closed on first assignment
  • Average time to fulfil a request
  • Number of knowledge base views

Benchmark figures can also be filtered with organisations being able to compare against global values, verticals i.e. services or technology, as well as comparisons against organisation size.

TeamUltra consultant Peter Watt has worked with many organisations who undertake Continual Service Improvement (CSI) and sees this as feature as another part of this process.  He commented:

“The introduction of benchmarks will enable customers to establish their baseline performance against their competitors and will act as an incentive for companies to improve their scores against the average for the industry.  This could end up acting as a real motivator for driving improvements.”