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TeamUltra Adds SIAM Solution to ServiceNow Store

Berkshire, ENGLAND, 27 October, 2016: TeamUltra ( announced its Service Integration and Management (SIAM) app has been certified by ServiceNow and added to ServiceNow‘s enterprise applications marketplace.  The solution has been technically certified on the ServiceNow Geneva and Helsinki releases and will enable organisations to connect multiple suppliers or customers and achieve greater synergy, economies of scale, lower costs and improved service.

Mike Beale, Managing Director of TeamUltra said,

Mike-BealeOrganisations are continually searching for new ways of connecting customers and suppliers and this interoperability is critical to operational effectiveness.  Publishing TeamConnect to the ServiceNow Store is an important milestone for TeamUltra.  Not only will we broaden our reach to a sizeable global audience, but we demonstrate our commitment to ServiceNow with accreditations across the full partner ecosystem – Sales, Services, Technology and Authorised Training. ”

TeamConnect provides the integration layer of a SIAM or multi-supplier model.  It can be used by organisations to integrate with suppliers and suppliers integrating with their customers – or both at the same time.  TeamConnect comes configured for the exchange of Incident tickets with other systems, and can easily be configured to exchange data from any table within ServiceNow, whether out-of-box or custom tables.  It supports collaboration between suppliers by enabling the sharing of records while controlling what updates each supplier is allowed to perform.

TeamConnect simplifies the integration of ServiceNow with internal or external systems and is capable of connecting to another ServiceNow instance, any other IT service management platform, or tools that support other non-ITSM processes such as Facilities or HR.  Any process that is implemented on ServiceNow can be integrated with the equivalent process on an external system.

Brian Broadhurst, Chief Architect at TeamUltra added,

Brian-BroadhurstOne of TeamConnect’s strengths is that it is built entirely on ServiceNow which means that no other systems are needed other than those that you are looking to connect to.  It can therefore be deployed rapidly and with minimal effort ensuring faster time to value.  The TeamConnect configuration is easily maintained using familiar ServiceNow interfaces, and allows you to define field mappings, translations or conversions, and access controls to ensure the integrity of your data.”

now-certifiedFor more information on the SIAM solution, TeamConnect, please visit the ServiceNow Store.