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Customer satisfaction means everything

Delivering excellence throughout the lifecycle of a customer engagement is essential in any IT project.  The use of Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) measures give a benchmarked baseline for how satisfied your customers are with the service that has been provided to them.

According to Gartner, “When it comes to the IT’s [vendor] reputation, the importance of customer satisfaction cannot be overestimated.”

This is why ServiceNow measure the CSAT for every project that is completed.  Customers are asked to complete a detailed questionnaire about how well the project and partner met expectations.  This is then used to calculate a final CSAT score.  The results are aggregated and an average score is published to the ServiceNow partner website for complete transparency.

Raising the satisfaction bar

ServiceNow CSAT Scores

ServiceNow CSAT Scores

TeamUltra is proud that our CSAT score tops the list for UK Services partners that are attending NowForum.  We set the bar high, so if you have a ServiceNow requirement, why turn to any other partner?  With TeamUltra you are getting the closest thing to a guarantee of success for your ServiceNow project.

We invest in attracting, retaining and training our people so that they can deliver the highest possible standards to our customers.  This is why we continually achieve some of the highest CSAT scores amongst ServiceNow Partners.