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ServiceNow Adds Microsoft Azure to Cloud Management Solution

ServiceNow has announced that its Cloud Management solution now supports Microsoft Azure. This gives enterprises comprehensive visibility and control of their Microsoft cloud infrastructure. Organisations using public, private, and hybrid cloud services can easily address quality, security and compliance issues with a proven management solution.

Organisations are turning to cloud platforms such as Azure to reach new markets, drive competitiveness and dramatically reduce IT costs. According to IDC, spending on IT infrastructure for public cloud environments will grow 14.1% with a projected spend of more than $24.4 billion in 2016. IT departments are being stretched to their limits trying to meet internal demands, control spending, and maintain compliance and security. They simply don’t have the tools or processes needed to effectively manage the increasing variety of cloud resources.

By supporting Azure, ServiceNow Cloud Management provides a single management interface that automates and simplifies the entire cloud-services lifecycle.  IT departments can now:

  • Use a single system of record to automate cloud management processes across cloud services.
  • Standardise cloud infrastructure templates and make them available for self-service request and automated provisioning in a service catalogue.
  • Understand the total cost of ownership of public cloud services, so that lines of business can effectively manage costs.
  • Provide governance for cloud resources and guardrails for ensuring end-user compliance with IT controls and standards.

“With Microsoft Azure, we are working to bring customers the most agile cloud platform available,” said Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president and chief evangelist, Microsoft. “We’re excited about the capabilities that ServiceNow is bringing to Azure, offering increased options for customers to maintain control of their cloud services.”

Leveraging a cloud environment like Microsoft Azure for rapid application development provides enterprises tremendous agility to foster innovation,” said Dave Wright, chief strategy officer, ServiceNow. “However, this ease and speed can quickly overwhelm an IT organisation. Our mutual customers now have the tools to quickly deploy their cloud resources while also maintaining control and compliance across all public, private and hybrid clouds.”

TeamUltra believe this launch represents a win-win scenario as organisations are able to improve the benefits they gain from cloud services whilst retaining the security, compliance and control required in today’s market.