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TeamUltra and Alderstone Consulting Partner to Offer Fast Track ServiceNow Migration

Partnership enables legacy Remedy users to migrate to ServiceNow quickly with minimal effort and risk

Berkshire, ENGLAND, 22 July, 2015: TeamUltra today announced the first automated solution enabling migration from BMC Remedy ITSM to ServiceNow. Combining Alderstone CMT, the next-generation BMC Remedy data migration solution, and TeamUltra’s unparalleled ServiceNow implementation expertise, upgrading from BMC Remedy ITSM to ServiceNow has never been easier.

 Migrating from BMC Remedy ITSM to ServiceNow can achieve a significant reduction in capital expenditure and ongoing operational costs. However, accomplishing this migration without adversely affecting business operations has previously not been straightforward.

Mike Beale, TeamUltra CEO, says:

ServiceNow continues to grow at a rapid rate as more and more customers see the benefit of migrating from legacy ITSM systems such as Remedy to one built specifically for the cloud.  By partnering with Alderstone Consulting, we have removed the complexity and operational impact of the conventional migration process.  This opens up the possibility for companies that were previously prevented from migrating from Remedy to successfully make the leap to ServiceNow.  Using Alderstone CMT we can now provide a seamless migration experience which offers customers on ageing, out-of-support BMC Remedy ITSM systems a practical alternative and allows them to achieve the numerous lasting benefits of ServiceNow.

 Alderstone CMT is the fastest BMC Remedy ITSM migration tool available on the market with powerful auto-discovery and analytical tools that allows even heavily customised Remedy ITSM applications to be migrated quickly and easily to ServiceNow.  It also offers sophisticated data transformation capabilities, to convert legacy data such as Operational and Product Categorisation according to the needs of the business.  Alderstone CMT eliminates traditional migration barriers such as complexity and operational impact, allowing any BMC Remedy user to successfully migrate to ServiceNow.

 Steve Upton, Alderstone CEO says:

BMC Remedy customers are achieving significant business benefit and cost savings using Alderstone CMT’s powerful data migration capabilities to manage Remedy upgrades and consolidations.  We are delighted to partner with TeamUltra and extend this benefit to customers migrating to the ServiceNow platform, enabling them to realise considerable operational and cost advantages over the conventional methods.

Both on-premise BMC Remedy ITSM customers and Service Providers who manage BMC Remedy ITSM as a service, can realise the following benefits:

  • Reduce the impact to daily operations – all live ITSM data can be automatically migrated to ServiceNow avoiding the operational and business impact of managing IT services across two systems in parallel
  • Significantly reduce the costs of migration – automated analysis, rapid migration and transformation of Remedy ITSM data into ServiceNow which helps minimise costs
  • Retain valuable historical data – to support ITIL compliant processes and legal data retention requirements
  • Migrate from any version of BMC Remedy ITSM – Alderstone CMT provides you with an automated migration path at a fraction of the cost of the conventional methods, even heavily customised applications
  • Designed for multi-tenancy – allowing IT to safely migrate selected customers from an existing Remedy ITSM system to ServiceNow with no disruption to other customers on the same platform
  • Cloud to Cloud Support – migrate directly from BMC Remedy-On-Demand to ServiceNow with no loss of data and minimal impact to your business.


About TeamUltra

TeamUltra is the UK’s leading ServiceNow Partner and a specialist in Service Delivery Automation. Our partnerships with leading product suppliers, such as Bomgar and Mobile Reach allow us to extend the reach of ServiceNow and provide integrated solutions that accelerate the resolution of incidents, reduce your costs and improve customer experience.  See www.teamultra.net for more information.

About Alderstone Consulting

Alderstone Consulting is a technology company headquartered in the UK and established in 2008. A BMC Technology Alliance Premier partner focusing exclusively on the IT Service Management sector.  For more information, please visit www.alderstone.com.