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Are you looking for a way to motivate your workforce and improve efficiency and results?

What is Gamification?

Gamification is about applying game elements to non-game activities to make regular day-to-day activities more compelling. Gamification leverages ‘game mechanics’ such as points, levels, rewards, checkpoints, choices, characters, and achievements alongside service design to increase human interest and ultimately drive engagement.

From a Service Management and wider IT enterprise perspective, these activities are wide-ranging and can include operational, communications and education-based tasks.   From a practical perspective, Gamification can be applied to almost any activity in which people are engaged, and can help drive desired behaviours within the context of that activity.

Benefits of Gamification

  • Enhance engagement and productivity
  • Forge better teamwork
  • An alternative to financial rewards with proven results
  • Encourage desired behaviours for better customer service

TeamUltra’s Gamification Solution for ServiceNow – TeamSpirit

TeamUltra’s TeamSpririt is a simple to use solution to apply Gamification to ServiceNow.

Gamification Solution in practice at Sky

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