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BMC Remedy to ServiceNow ITSM Migration

Are you faced with a potentially expensive Remedy upgrade project?

Are the complexity of data migrations and the fear of disrupting your business with the transition to a new ITSM system holding you back?

Are you looking for the best alternative to BMC Remedy?

Managing upgrades to ITSM applications is complex. ITSM is increasingly integrated into the business, and the risks of a failed major change can be mission-critical. When your upgrade involves a migration to an entirely new platform, the complexity and risks are even higher.

More and more businesses are choosing ServiceNow as an alternative to their legacy BMC Remedy ITSM application. The benefits of a successful transition include reduced operating costs, lower capital expenditure and an improved user experience, not to mention elimination of complex and expensive upgrades.


However, migrating to ServiceNow can lead to some of the following challenges:

  • Significant overheads and business disruption during the transition phase
  • Extracting, converting and migrating live and historical data from the existing Remedy ITSM application is complex
  • Legal restrictions regarding data retention

The migration of large data sets from a legacy Remedy system is a complex, highly manual and resource-intensive, operation. This is further exacerbated if the Remedy system has been heavily customised or is running an older, out-of-support version of ITSM.


Using our vast experience of ITSM migrations and deployments, TeamUltra significantly reduces the complexity of the migration from Remedy ITSM to ServiceNow, providing the following business benefits;

Business Benefits

  • Minimising operational impact of cutover
    By migrating live data seamlessly to ServiceNow, you no longer have to manage live, business impacting issues in your old Remedy system after you have gone live with ServiceNow. This significantly reduces the amount of pressure on your IT Service Management team allowing them to focus on supporting the business rather than managing the ITSM system data.
  • Reducing Migration Costs
    Using pre-built, flexible templates, data can be quickly and easily migrated directly from your Remedy system into ServiceNow with minimal effort. You can easily move your hard-won CMDB data or historical ticket data into ServiceNow without expensive development work.
  • Data Retention
    We can selectively migrate historical data with no extra costs to the business. This ensures you continue to meet operational or reporting capabilities, and compliance with legal requirements for data retention.

Technical Benefits

  • Migrate All or Selected Data
    We can provide a range of sophisticated, easily-configured options for filtering the data that will be migrated to ServiceNow. This allows selective migration rules to be applied to different types of data in your Remedy ITSM application. For example, you may choose to:

-Include all open Incidents and only closed Incidents created in the last year

-Include all Changes created in the last three years

-Include all CMDB data or only include Asset information

  • Customisations – many companies have highly customised Remedy ITSM applications, however, we are still able to migrate these to ServiceNow.
  • Performance – We can export and transform data from Remedy ITSM to ServiceNow easily and efficiently.
  • Multi Tenancy Support – BMC Remedy ITSM enables multiple customers to be hosted on the same system using a multi-tenancy permissions model. We can ensure all data for a selected customer can be safely extracted from a multi-tenancy Remedy system and migrated to ServiceNow. This enables selective or wave-based migration of Remedy tenants to the ServiceNow platform.

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