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Financial Services: Increase efficiency and improve service with ServiceNow

ServiceNow enables finance departments to efficiently fulfill submitted requests including financial reports, procurement, and payroll issues; and provides management with visibility into work requests, resource utilisation and performance information.

ICAP, the financial markets operator, has chosen to utilise ServiceNow as the strategic platform for managing its ITSM capability and supporting critical IT services.

ServiceNow has been implemented to support the ICAP teams in managing their daily issues, releases and changes and to understand, capture and report on the technology environment, all aligned to business services.

Find out why ICAP said:

The main benefits that we get from ServiceNow include automated processes, powerful reporting and increased operational efficiency, visibility and control. We are also seeing a rapid ROI thanks to the speed of implementation.

Join financial services customers such as Citibank, Nomura, Yorkshire Building Society, UBS and QBE to name a few in trusting ServiceNow to deliver improved service to your end customers. Request the ICAP case study today by completing the form to the right of this page.